Someone Alert Lady Gaga! Adam Rippon's "Shallow" Figure Skating Routine Is a Damn Dream

In all the good times, I find myself . . . watching these videos of Adam Rippon skating to "Shallow." The 29-year-old Olympian showed off his talents in December 2018, and brought Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's iconic A Star Is Born song to the ice. Adam teamed up with videographer "On Ice Perspectives" to memorialize the routine, as the Santa Monica sunset provided the perfect backdrop. Gaga's voice and Adam's moves combined provides a dreamy effect, as he appeared to almost float above the ice.

Of course, Adam couldn't help but let his own personality shine through during the set. He gave a few cheeky glances straight at the camera before diving into yet another jaw-dropping spin or jump. This is why he's so fun to watch!

Adam announced his plans to retire from professional skating towards the end of last year, but that obviously hasn't stopped him from pouring his heart and soul into routines he loves. Watch the video above to see how Adam kicked off the unforgettable routine, and then check out the clips below for even more fun.