9 Advanced Sex Positions That Double as a Workout

Sex counts as a workout . . . right? As much as we'd love to hit the bedroom in lieu of the gym, we actually don't burn as many calories during sex as we think (trust me, I even put my Fitbit to the test). But if you level up on difficulty, we think you may be able get away with calling it strength training. Test your strength and endurance (in more ways than one) with the nine positions below!


This position allows for deep penetration and specifically targets your A-spot and G-spot. Have your partner stand with their feet together and knees slightly bent. Stand with your back toward them and lock your arms behind you around their arms as your partner wraps their hands around your stomach and lifts you onto their hips. Bend your knees and lock your feet on their butt.


This oral-focused position is a great opportunity for clitoral stimulation and for your partner to find your G-spot. As your partner sits with their feet together and knees slightly bent, sit on his or her shoulders with their face in between your legs. Lie back in a flat position and support yourself by placing your hands outside of their legs. Your partner should be holding your butt up, also.

Spider Monkey

Because of how complex this position is, we recommend that you skip if you don't have a solid headstand down. If you're comfortable in this pose, have your partner face away from you, standing with feet shoulder-width apart and on their toes. Stand on your head with your arms bent at your elbows. Your legs should be bent and spread apart while your feet grip their hips for support. Your partner can also hold onto your feet for stability as they enter you from behind. Penetration will be shallow with this one, but it does allow for prostate stimulation (for them) and clitoral stimulation (for you).


Get ready for a triceps workout and deep penetration all at once. To get into this position, sit with your hands shoulder-width apart on the ground or bed. Once your partner gets on one knee, lift your lower body and rest each leg onto your partner's shoulders. Your partner's knee should be positioned in between your legs. Have them hold your knees for support.


This position takes oral sex to the next level. Kick your legs up to a handstand against the wall and spread your legs apart into an X. Your partner can stabilize you by holding onto your butt as they dive in between your legs. Expect to feel a head rush . . . and other things.


If you're looking for a position that's both steamy and intimate, this one's for you. Your partner will have to do most of the heavy lifting, but it's also up to you to hold your weight up. Wrap your arms around your partner's neck as they pick you up with their elbows scooping your knees for support. Keep your hips up and bend slightly back to enjoy a deeper angle. Not only does seesaw allow for passionate kissing, but it also offers you a ton of clitoral stimulation.


Prepare to have both your A-spot and G-spot stimulated with this position. Have your partner stand on their knees with their back straight and legs apart. Cross your feet behind their butt as they hold your waist and tilt you back. Position yourself into a half bridge while your partner keeps your hips up.


This position calls for a backbend on your part. Have your partner bend forward as they stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Get into a full bridge and wrap your legs around their butt. Your partner should be supporting your waist and keeping your hips up the entire time.


Prepare for takeoff by lying face down on the bed with your feet at the very edge. To get into this position, bend your knees and spread them apart as your partner positions themselves behind you. With their knees slightly bent, have them pick you up by the waist and lift your upper body. Hold yourself up in a horizontal position with your legs behind their back and your arms straight on their knees. This rear-entry variation allows for deep penetration.