What Is the A-Spot? Meet the G-Spot's Erogenous Cousin

We've all heard about the G-spot by this point — it's the erogenous zone located inside the vagina with its signature walnut-like texture and squirt-worthy potential. But you probably aren't familiar with the A-spot, the deep pleasure center in the vagina that's basically the G-spot's lesser known and under-celebrated cousin.

The A-spot is what many might consider the vagina's best-kept hidden secret. Why? Because stimulating this area is a great opportunity to pleasure yourself with or without a partner. Not only can the A-spot change up your solo-play routine, but it can also be a great way to embrace deeper penetration. You can also test drive a new vibrator on the area and feel all the feels when discovering this part of your body.

The best part is that all you really need for A-spot stimulation is the basics of all great sex: lots of lube, clean hands, and sex toys. That said, if you will be stimulating your A-spot with a partner, just make sure to talk with your partner before about how exactly you'll communicate during sex, how you'll indicate verbally or nonverbally when you want them to stop or slow down (this is typically via a safe word), and any boundaries or needs you both have. Once you're ready to get started, the pleasure awaits.

To help in finding that pleasure, we spoke to two sex experts who break down everything you need to know — from where to find the A-spot, how to enjoy its stimulation, what tips you should keep in mind as you explore A-spot orgasms, and best sex toys and positions.

1. What Is the A-spot?

Technically known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, the A-spot is a pleasurable patch of sensitive tissue right at the inner ends of the vaginal tube. It's located right between the cervix and the bladder. According to clinical sexologist and founder of B-Vibe Alicia Sinclair, it's also referred to as the female degenerated prostate because of its precise location and ability to be stimulated similarly to the male prostate (or the male G-spot). However, only people assigned female at birth (AFAB) have an A-spot.

As for why someone would want to find the A-spot, research say it may help you get really, really wet. One study found that the A-spot increased vaginal lubrication, noting that after 10 to 15 minutes of stimulation, two-thirds of women with chronic dryness or pain during sex noted a "significant positive physiological response." Another 15 percent of subjects responded to A-spot stimulation with almost immediate orgasm and "copious" lubrication.

That said, while the A-spot is highly pleasurable for many people, it's not for everyone. For those who are not a fan of deep penetration, they may not find A-spot play enjoyable, says sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, resident sexpert for Lovers, a sexual wellness brand and retailer. But for those who do want to partake, "You can use a toy, fingers, or fist to find the spot," Stewart says. And "most of the time, when people like really deep penetration, it's because they may be hitting the A-Spot."

2. How Do You Find the A-Spot?

To find your A-spot, the best point of reference is your G-spot. (More on that ahead, but if you're looking for a primer on the G-spot, definitely start here.)

To start, you should "curve your fingers into a bit of a hook, and reach in about an inch, inch and a half inside the vagina, as if you were pointing toward your belly button, and the first patch of tissue almost feels [a] little bit spongy — that's the G-spot," Sinclair says. Start slowly with one or two fingers, and curl them into a "come hither" motion, allowing the pads of your fingers to press gently into the G-spot. Then go back another inch or two, and you'll be in the right A-spot area. You can also reach this spot via a long sex toy, too.

Unlike the G-spot, though, you probably won't feel a different texture to let you know you've hit the right spot. Instead, pay attention to feelings of pleasure or increased sensitivity. Stewart says finding your A-spot can take a bit of practice, so don't get discouraged if you're not sure if you're getting there. And, as always, if you're feeling any pain or discomfort, stop what you're doing. When looking for the A-spot, there is the potential to hit the cervix, and Stewart says this can be painful for some people.

3. The Difference Between the A-Spot and the G-Spot

The biggest difference between the A-spot and G-spot is location. The G-spot is located in a fairly shallow place inside the vagina, while the A-spot is deeper past it.

The G-spot may also cause you to squirt, whereas it's less likely with the A-spot. "Many people can squirt from G-spot penetration because of the stimulation of the prostate, whereas I have not heard of many people squirting from A-spot penetration," Stewart says, though she notes it's definitely possible to orgasm through the A-spot.

4. How to Reach the A-Spot Orgasm

You can experience orgasm through the A-spot — it just depends on if this area of your body is particularly erogenous for you. If the area feels especially pleasurable but you're having a hard time cumming, you can mix in clitoral stimulation as well via your fingers or a sex toy.

As far as the best positions for an A-spot orgasm, Stewart recommends the position most comfortable for you during deep penetration. Doggy style or cowgirl are great options, and Stewart adds that "many people have reported that being on their backs with their partner holding their legs up in the air is a great way to get deeper into the vaginal canal."

5. What Are the Best A-Spot Sex Toys?

The best sex toys for A-spot stimulation are those with a long reach. For beginners, Stewart recommends the Skinny G "because it's long and it has a tip where you can aim and point where you want the stimulation," she says. "It has the perfect place for the ridges, and it's small enough that you can use it for self-discovery of all the pleasure spots in your vagina." If you're looking for a slim, easy-to-handle toy, you can try out the Elle Liquid Silicone Wand. The body of the toy is contoured and very pliable, meaning you can experiment with positions and pressure super easily.

Sinclair, meanwhile, recommends the Pure Wand by Njoy, a curved toy with a different-size bulb on each end. "Depending on preference, you can use the smaller end, or perhaps when you feel more accustomed to that sensation, you might try the larger end. But that product is really fantastic for looking for those specific spots inside the body."