Harley Pasternak Shares a Weight-Loss Tip You Can Use Right Now

Harley Pasternak is a renowned fitness trainer, and there are no healthy lifestyle questions he doesn't have answers to — especially ones about weight loss. While he previously told us his top three tips to shed the pounds, at a Reebok event he emphasized that losing weight is a journey.

"I tell everyone to focus on the process rather than the end goal," he said.

Knowing this might sound strange to someone trying to knock off those 10 to 15 pounds in a hurry, Harley said:

"If someone comes to me and says I want to lose 20 pounds, I'll say let's change that goal because you don't have direct control over that. You have indirect ones and if you dedicate yourself to the process and make that your goal, as a byproduct you'll hit your goal. So for example, I'll say your goal is to hit 12,000 steps a day. Your goal is to eat protein and fiber five times a day. Your goal is to get seven hours of sleep a night."

To sum up Harley's words of wisdom: there are no shortcuts to weight loss. It's in your best interest to start small, whether that's by changing your diet or switching up your fitness routine, because this all leads to a more positive outlook and result. And if you need help tracking your steps (something Harley loves), he recommends a Fitbit or downloading the Fitbit app. "Everybody has a way to measure your activity these days," he said.