Watch This Figure Skater Make History With Her Mesmerizing Routine — She's Only 13 Years Old

When we were 13, we were playing with Bratz Dolls and our Game Boy. Alysa Liu on the other hand was busy becoming the youngest US figure skating champion in history. On Jan. 25, she also became the first woman to land two triple axels in a single program at nationals. And wait, there's more! In her free skate, Alysa completed eight triple jumps, and all we can say is "Wow!"

In a post-competition interview, Alysa said, "I just wanted to beat my best score and do a clean performance, and I did." Alysa's skill, energy, and passion amazed everyone watching. Unfortunately, because of her age, Alysa is ineligible to compete at the junior world championships, and she won't be able to compete at the senior world championships until 2022.

"I'm not too worried about that part because I get more time to work on my jumps, skating skills, spins, and just trying to learn more," she said.

We can't wait see what she does in the years to come. Check out her phenomenal routine in the video above.

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