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Ashley Graham and Lindsey Vonn Worked Out Together

Watch Ashley Graham Beat Lindsey Vonn on the SkiErg and Lose Her Sh*t

Lindsey Vonn is a retired Olympic gold medalist. Ashley Graham, who's expecting her first child, is a supermodel crushing prenatal workouts left and right. When they got together for a workout, led by trainer Kira Stokes, the results were as impressive as you could imagine, particularly when they hit the SkiErg for a little friendly competition. If you thought the pro athlete and world champion skier would win handily, you may want to check out the video. . .

Lindsey and Ashley's workout also featured ladder drills, goblet squats, resistance band jump squats, and a cool "pass-through" combined with a banded booty kick. Altogether, it looks like the kind of full-body cardio-strength workout that we could only crush with a workout buddy by our side. Ashley and Lindsey, hit us up next time?

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