We Created a Bachelor Workout Game to Help You Get Toned While the Drama Unfolds

Let's be real: watching The Bachelor and drinking wine practically go hand in hand. Downing a glass (or, like, three) of Sauvignon Blanc while watching a handful of women duke it out over one guy has become a concrete part of my Monday routine, but lately, that's resulted in a few too many Tuesday-morning headaches for my liking.

In an effort to cut back on my wine habit and get fit, I created a Bachelor workout game to play during Peter Weber's season of the hit ABC series — because it's better to be sore than hungover, am I right? Here's how it works: for some of the common (or not-so-common) actions and phrases that pop up during the show, there's a corresponding exercise move to perform. If you want to torch calories and get toned while the drama unfolds before your eyes, print out this challenge and have it on hand every Monday night.

Ready to get strong AF while Peter (hopefully) finds his wife on national TV? Look ahead to see our official Bachelor Fitness Challenge.

  1. Someone says the word "journey": 5 push-ups
  2. A date card shows up: 10 jumping jacks
  3. A woman cries: hold a 20-second plank
  4. A contestant calls herself "the future Mrs. Weber": 5 jumping jacks
  5. Someone mentions being there "for the right reasons": 10 lunges
  6. Peter gives out a group-date rose: 15 squats
  7. A contestant interrupts someone else's one-on-one time with Peter: 10 Russian twists
  8. A woman doesn't get a rose during a one-on-one date: hold a 45-second plank
  9. Someone runs and jumps into Peter's arms: run in place for 30 seconds
  10. Chris Harrison announces the final rose in a rose ceremony: 20 crunches
  11. A contestant says she's in love with Peter: 10 burpees
  12. Peter kisses one of the women: 10 mountain climbers
  13. Someone mentions Peter's forehead scar: 15 sit-ups
  14. Someone says she could "see herself marrying" Peter: 10 push-ups
  15. Peter cries: 30 bicycles
  16. The camera dramatically zooms in on a rose: 5 tuck jumps
  17. A woman says she "could be going home" that night: 10 reverse lunges
  18. Someone says the experience has been "really hard" for them: 5 burpees
  19. Chris Harrison and Peter have a one-on-one conversation: hold a side plank the entire time
  20. During commercial breaks: wall sit for one minute

Brace yourself, Bachelor Nation — your Monday nights are about to get a whole lot sweatier!

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