Thinking About Trying BBG? This Astounding Transformation Will Convince You

Leah posted these amazing transformation photos to celebrate her "#kaylaversary." A year ago, she committed to the BBG program, and she wrote, "I also made a promise to myself to eat healthier, exercise regularly, workout hard, and never give up on myself."

Her journey began in 2013, and for a long time she was just focused on "being skinny." She was so sad and uncomfortable with herself and said, "it took me a long time, and a lot of starting, giving up and restarting, to lose weight and reach goals I never thought were achievable for me."

Leah said, "since I started BBG last year, I've really focused on being more in tune with my body, forming a routine with exercise and eating healthier — mostly 80/20. I've seen my body changing, and my goals and my mindset have changed over time, too." She went from wanting to be thin, to wanting to be strong, "and now I just want to be happy and feel good."

It may feel impossible to change your life, but every little step toward your goal counts. Leah's advice is to "set small goals and celebrate them!" She admitted, "It took me almost 3 years and a lot of failing and giving up on myself to be able to make the decision to change my lifestyle."

Leah also said, "The most important lesson I've learned, and one that has had the biggest impact on me, is to stop weighing myself!" When she began her journey, she said, "I obsessed over the scale for as long as I can remember," and she weighed herself all the time. She went on, "I was always focused on that number. It was unhealthy and would often make me unhappy as I wasn't where I thought I 'should be', so I stopped weighing myself completely." Leah said she's not sure what she weighs exactly now, "but what I can tell you is that I feel healthy, and I'm happy and that's worth a heck of a lot more than a number for me." She finally feels "content in my own skin."

So take it from Leah. If you've been struggling to lose weight for years, focus on eating healthy (aim for 80/20) and exercising to get strong (why not try BBG?) — and stop weighing yourself and obsessing so much about the numbers! And most importantly, Leah said, "don't give up on yourself, remember how far you've come and be proud of yourself!"