A Before and After That Proves a Number on the Scale Means Nothing

Instagram | mysweatlife

Last month, I was at the Kayla Itsines Sweat Tour surrounded by Kayla's superfans. I was lying on my back in the grassy field of the Rose Bowl arena in Los Angeles, getting ready to do some bicycle crunches, when a beautiful, chiseled, excited young woman came up to my friend and I, asking, "do you mind if I work out with you guys?"

Instantly, I recognized her face from Instagram — "that's @mysweatlife!" I thought to myself. Known by her handle (and her empowering story), Kelsey Wells is an icon within the BBG community.

Kelsey got down on the grass with us for ab bikes and cheered us on as we went into exhausting (but explosive!) tuck jumps. To be honest, it was one of the more exhilarating moments in my fitness career. Today, her story has been taking the internet by storm — and it's about the amount of weight she lost. You're going to be stunned, trust me. Check it out.

Meet Kelsey

She's chiseled, yes, but she hasn't always looked like this (or felt this good).

She's done over six rounds of BBG

She's actually on week 84, meaning she just completed her seventh round. Over a year and a half of consistently following the Kayla Itsines program. What else did she do to get here? Literally nothing. Just BBG.

She's so into BBG, she's become Kayla's wing woman

She worked both Sweat With Kayla tour events in NYC and Los Angeles. Hence, how we got to work out with her in LA!

Wanna hear the cool part, though?

For the "big weight loss," she only weighs five pounds less than her postpartum start weight — she weighs 18 pounds more than her goal weight! And look at how different her body is now. It's not about a scale, you guys. She is living proof. Make like Kelsey and say "Bye, Felicia" to your scale.

This is Kelsey's before and after pregnancy photo

Pretty impressive, right?

And now she runs after this little guy!

For reference, here are a few more before and after photos

Remember: only FIVE pounds less on the right! But totally toned and strong. Forget the numbers. Focus on how you feel.

Because it's not the weight that matters.

"THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY BODY," she said in a caption. "But my mindset was completely flawed . . . I hoped [BBG] would be a quick fix to getting back into my pre-baby jeans and being 'skinny' again."

She went on to talk about the mental change being much better than the physical one. "I began to feel stronger and with that strength came a kind of self-confidence I had lost for a very long time . . . I have worked hard for my physical progress, and I am proud of that. But it is the progress you can't see that I am most proud of."