You Can Find Self-Care Online Thanks to These 6 Instagram Accounts

Just because self-care is becoming more prevalent in today's society, that doesn't mean it's a trend. It's not like celery juice or the latest diet; it's a necessity for our well-being. Self-care looks different for everyone — my practices may include journaling and gym sessions, while yours might include face masks and meditation — but it all has the same goal: to avoid burnout, with symptoms and signs like physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy.

Self-care has many different components. According to one professional in the wellness sphere and speaker on traumatic stress, Olga Phoenix, MPA, self-care is made up of six parts: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, and professional. "Each dimension represents a part of our lives which requires our daily attention," she told POPSUGAR in a previous interview. To achieve happiness and manage stress, it's important to improve these aspect of our lives. For example, taking breaks at the office would fall under the professional dimension; reconnecting with old friends or compartmentalizing our goals would be personal.

We typically don't associate social media with self-care. After all, one way to find peace after a long day is to unplug. But what if we said you could practice taking care of yourself or find inspiration to do so, via Instagram of all things? Ahead, check out accounts that promote just that — one for each of these six self-care dimensions. If those aren't your style, here's a list of wellness apps to try. Let's focus on ourselves, shall we?


Emotional: alex_elle

The emotional part of self-care is all about self-love and self-compassion. Instagram user @alex_elle is a writer and podcast host who posts daily affirmations for forgiveness, acceptance, and empowerment. One of my favorites goes, "I can't be everything to everyone else if I am nothing to myself."

Also check out: @cleowade and @recipesforselflove


Psychological: dosesofcalm

Boston-based photo stylist Andi Wollin (@dosesofcalm) has created a space on Instagram devoted to calming imagery and self-reflection. Each day she posts aesthetically pleasing, peaceful photos with questions — such as "What are you working towards?" — for her followers to consider. Just scrolling through this account will leave you feeling good inside.

Also check out: @themoon_journal


Professional: careercontessa

Career Contessa is a career site for all you female warriors out there that offers online courses, coaching, and webinars. Its Instagram account (@careercontessa) promotes fostering a healthy work-life balance and women empowering women. So, basically, you should follow it right now.

Also check out: @themuse


Physical: kimfrench87

Kim French is a British personal trainer who posts at-home and gym workouts on her Instagram (@kimfrench87). She shares all kinds of workouts, from core and booty-band circuits to bodyweight HIIT and kettlebell leg-day routines. These videos will make it easier for you to put your fitness goals first — because meeting those goals is a big part of self-care.

Also check out: @katiecrewe


Spiritual: saraauster

Instagram user @saraauster posts sound baths every Monday. Sound baths are an ancient healing practice of using singing bowls to relieve stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Explore the videos for a moment of pause, and if you already meditate, they might be another tool for relaxation and mindfulness (plus, if meditation isn't for you, maybe this is).

Also check out: @yogainspiration


Personal: selfcareisforeveryone

Personal growth comes from learning who you are, healing old wounds, and working toward your goals. Self-Care Station, or @selfcareisforeveryone, is a space dedicated to honoring mental health. Specifically, it focuses on promoting self-care over self-harm and posts vibrant text graphics with reminders like "trust yourself" and "protect your energy," and I highly suggest checking it out.

Also check out: @goal.cast