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20 Best Mental Health Podcasts of 2023

These Mental Health Podcasts Will Make You Laugh or Cry (or Both)

20 Best Mental Health Podcasts of 2023

Podcasts come in many different genres, styles, and lengths. And in 2023, you can find a podcast on pretty much anything that you're interested in — from comedy to politics to true crime. These audio forms of entertainment can be incredibly engaging and fun to listen to. Some are even designed to nourish your mental health and serve as a form of self-care. If you've never listened to a mental health podcast before, then you don't know what you're missing.

From breathing techniques to insights into why you may be feeling a certain way, these awesome podcasts feature the advice and experiences of psychologists, experts, and other people who struggle with their mental health. Tune in weekly or biweekly to these entertaining and easy-to-consume podcasts on anxiety, depression, and more. Learn from experts as they share insights, information, and ideas to help you live your best life. Ahead, find 20 favorite mental health podcasts ahead to boost your emotional wellness.

— Additional reporting by Melanie Whyte

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