Blac Chyna Is a "Mommy Beast" in Her Latest Workout, Pushing Daughter Dream on a Sled

Blac Chyna (aka Angela White) is on a fitness journey, and we can't look away. Lately, the model and reality star has been sharing videos of her workouts on Instagram, including lots of impressive weightlifting and a post celebrating one year with her trainer, who goes by @_a1fit on Instagram.

Chyna, a mom of two, recently announced that her body would be undergoing some changes as she worked to undo much of the plastic surgery she's accumulated over the years, including having her facial fillers dissolved and her breast and butt implants removed. "I'm tired of the look and it's just not flattering," she shared in a March Instagram post. "It's not what I look like. It, like, totally changed my face and I'm just ready to get back to Angela. Blac Chyna's Blac Chyna and I feel like I've outgrown that and it's just time for like, a change."

Since then, she's been sharing more about her wellness routine. At the end of July, Chyna spoke with Page Six Style about some of her lifestyle changes. "Outside of the body transformation, the spiritual and fitness journey played a major part," she told Page Six. "When you're making a transformation, it takes a lot of discipline." In July, Chyna also shared on Instagram that part of this transformation is sobriety, writing: "10 months sober, clean eating, working out, staying in the word(bible), healing my mind, body and soul."

Page Six asked her if she feels hotter than ever in her new skin, and Chyna replied: "Hotter isn't even the word! Refreshed and superior is what I would say. This is the best I've felt my whole life. My confidence is through the roof, and I'm loving the woman I'm becoming."

Which workouts are helping her feel that good? Keep scrolling to see a glimpse into Chyna's fitness routine — including her latest, which includes sled pushes weighted by her her 6-year-old daughter, Dream, who she shares with Rob Kardashian — plus tips on how to try them yourself.

Circuit Workouts — Including Sled Pushes With Dream

On Aug. 23, Chyna shared a poolside circuit workout that will have your quads burning just watching — and not only because, at one point, she pushes Dream on a sled.

After Bosu ball jumping jacks, kettlebell thrusters, walking lunges, bent-over rows, and lateral squat walks, Chyna grabs a weight sled. Dream hops on the sled while her mom pushes her for a couple of reps down the length of their house, then Chyna swaps Dream for a weight plate and does two types of powerful-looking reverse sled pulls.

Dream looks impressed with her mom as she's pushing her along, and she's not the only one. "TRUE definition of MOMMY BEAST😤💪🏾" Chyna's trainer wrote in the comments, while celebrity trainer Massy Arias wrote: "Yes woman! Keep killing it! 🔥"

Lots of Strength Work

In a post celebrating one year with her trainer, Chyna shared a compilation of videos from their workouts together, and it's clear that they're focused on building tons of strength in her lower body, back, and core. It's also a testament to her dedication; clearly, Chyna's been putting in the work — and if that wasn't enough, from the look of the videos, she often trains super early in the morning.

The video included clips of Chyna on the leg press machine and leg extension machine, doing barbell deadlifts and squats, resistance-band ab work, weighted glute bridges, cable-machine rows, walking lunges, curtsy lunges, split squats, bicep curls, single-arm rows, shoulder presses, cable-machine triceps push-downs, dead bugs, and chest presses with a leg lift.

Walking Lunges and Push-Ups

In an Instagram post from Aug. 6, Chyna shared clips from another workout where she was sweating poolside, doing dumbbell walking lunges, push-ups, and squat to shoulder presses.

Many of the moves in Chyna's workouts are compound exercises, which are moves that work multiple muscle groups at once. Not only are they great for building strength all over, but because they recruit so many muscles, they place a greater overall challenge on your body, which can elevate your heart rate and offer even more workout benefits.

Challenging Deficit Reverse Lunges

In a July 21 Instagram post, Chyna shared a video of her doing dumbbell deficit reverse lunges — like regular reverse lunges, but where your front foot is elevated (in this case, on a weight plate), which helps you go into an even deeper position in your lunge.

Then on Aug. 19, she posted another video where she leveled up the move; instead of holding dumbbells, Chyna performed alternating battle rope slams, which adds a core and upper-body element to the move.

In the latter video, she also teased the coming of a fitness brand that seems to be a spinoff of her Hearts Pure hair company, writing: "@heartspurefitness coming soon… you ready?"

Leg Extensions and Ab Work

On Aug. 20, Chyna shared yet another workout clip where she was getting after it, showing her commitment to the grind. In the caption, she wrote: "Mind, Body, and Soul all combined there endless possibilities. Be safe God bless you all."

In the video, she uses the leg extension machine (which targets your quads), does touch toe crunch, and uses the leg press machine while doing chest presses with dumbbells.

The leg extension machine seems to be a favorite: In another post shared in July, Chyna shared more clips of her using the leg extension machine, as well as doing weighted crunches and heel-elevated Romanian deadlifts, a great move for targeting your glutes and hamstrings. She captioned the post: "Life's great… Results are in 🥰 Get up and workout baby."

How to Try Blac Chyna's Workouts

Looking to hop on board the same workout train Chyna's on? Check out her trainer's Instagram; she shares lots of gym content and routines, like the ab workout shown here.

If you're not big on Instagram workouts, check out our 60-Minute Butt and Leg Day Workout, which incorporates many of the lower-body moves Chyna shared on social media, or this 1-Week Total-Body Beginner Weightlifting Plan, which is a great place to get started with strength training.