These Women Changed Their Body Composition and Look Leaner, but Actually Gained Weight!

When you change your body composition by losing fat, getting leaner, and gaining muscle, you'd think the scale would say you weigh less. But the scale is not the best measure of your progress, and these transformation photos prove it! Weighing more isn't a bad thing, and hopefully seeing the photos ahead will inspire you to stop letting the scale define you, dictate your mood, and determine how hard you work.

"YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU! No number can change who you are inside."

"My progress isn't mind-blowing or jaw-dropping; I've put weight ON since I initially lost body fat in my first round of BBG. But I'm proud of my #consistency over these last almost-3 years of my #postpartum fitness journey."

"This is why people can gain weight but actually look the same or leaner. This is also why the weight scale should not be the only way you track progress #screwthescale."

"The scale LOVES making people go from feeling proud to completely deflated in the few seconds it takes to for it to spit a number out across the screen—and I'm sick of its games!!
The scale is a bully.
Do not let it discourage you or put a shadow on all your previous accomplishments."

"Now I am exercising 4-5 times a week, eating more protein, eating more calories, and eating more regularly."

"The number on the scale does not account for fat loss/muscle gain like progress 📸 do."

"Not only has my body composition completely changed (and no, muscle clearly does not equal bulky 😬), but I am stronger, more confident, and more self-assured — all things that can't be measured by that number on the scale."

"Gaining muscle does not make you look bulky."

"Proof that the scales don't tell the whole story so stop getting hung up on a number."

"Don't let the scale define you 🚫 There are so many differences between these photos that are much more important than my weight!"


"I'm so happy to ditch the scale because it's "success" was never permanent and it's numbers, I now know, are meaningless."

"So the question to ask yourself is — Would you rather weigh less and have the body composition on the left? Or would you rather weigh more and have less flab/more definition like on the right?"

"Just your typical 'the scale is a dumb bitch' post."