Try This 6-Move Bodyweight HIIT Workout — It's All About the Butt and Legs!

If you have the space for a yoga mat, you can do this fast-paced HIIT workout. Certified personal trainer Massy Arias posted this leg and butt routine on her Instagram page to get you moving and build muscle. She said in the caption, "Do your best with what I've given you and let's crush it at home."

6-Move Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Directions: Massy recommended performing each move for 30-second intervals, followed by a 45- to 60-second rest, aiming for three rounds. If you can't jump due to injuries or other issues, she suggested these modifications:

  • Sumo plyos: stay in the wide sumo squat position and focus on keeping speed on the pulses.
  • High-knees with reverse rolls: do high-knee marching as fast as you can, and do the reverse crochet roll-outs separately.
  • Plyo pulse squat: instead of jumping, just rise onto the tippy toes, then get right back into the squat pulses.
  • Single-leg jump with double-leg switch: raise the knee up and skip the leg switches.
  • Three-point lunge: perform this move as suggested.
  • Star squat jumps: perform regular squats or jumping jacks for 30 seconds.