Think You Need Heavy Weights to Get Strong? All You Need Is a Chair For This Intense Workout

Feeling unmotivated to work out at home? Certified personal trainer Massy Arias posted this challenging workout on her Instagram page to get you pumped to sweat. All you need is a chair — just wait and see what creative exercises she comes up with! But please, choose a chair you can safely raise overhead.

In the caption it said, "I've created two master circuits to be done back to back with very little rest between movements. I want everyone to try this and tell me if you need equipment to get an amazing workout." Looks like a chair is all you need!

From overhead lunges to decline push-ups with a knee drive (those are hard!) to lateral skips, this workout may be intense, but it looks so fun you'll want to keep going. Some of these moves will really push you out of your comfort zone, like the overhead chair a-skips. And other moves will become your new favorite, like the chair crunch combo.