Breyers Is Coming For Halo Top — Does It Taste as Good?

POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino
POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino

The healthy ice cream market has essentially exploded since Halo Top came onto the scene to shake things up with a low-fat, low-cal, low-sugar, high-protein ice cream. Since then, we've seen numerous brands pop up in the frozen section of grocery stores far and wide, offering a healthier alternative to our favorite frozen treats.

Speaking of "our favorite frozen treats," Breyers ice cream, a true staple in American freezers, is one of those brands you can instantly call to mind when thinking of your childhood dessert (or even yesterday's dessert, honestly). Now, it's modeling new pints after the Halo Top blueprint: high-protein, low-fat, low-calorie ice cream. The brand is not new to healthy alternatives: its No Sugar Added, Lactose Free, Gluten Free!, Non-Dairy, 1/2 the Fat, Fat Free, and CarbSmart options have been in the arsenal for some time now; the new Delights line will be the brand's first protein-centric ice cream.

While most ice creams clock in at a few hundred calories per scoop, these new Delights range from 260 to 330 calories per pint. The calories (and 20 grams of protein) are listed front and center on the pint's label. They'll be available in grocery stores nationwide starting in August, priced around $5 per pint.

So how do they taste? According to our taste-testing colleagues, definitely go for the chocolate and cookies and cream (stellar reviews all around), but maybe skip the mint chip (jury's still out on that one). Let's check it out.

Creamy Chocolate

  • Tastes like a Fudgsicle!
  • Love it!
  • Tastes JUST like a Fudgsicle from the ice cream truck!
  • My fave.
  • F*cking delicious!
  • ^^^Agree!
  • Tastes so good and authentic!
  • Fudgsicle is right (and delicious!)!


Vanilla Bean

  • Nice flavor but odd aftertaste
  • Meh (two of these)
  • OK (three of these)
  • Classic
  • Weird aftertaste


Cookies & Cream

  • Pretty spot-on flavor
  • Yum! SKINNY!
  • This is hella tasty
  • Good! Doesn't taste light!
  • Like this one a lot


Mint Chip

  • Toothpaste powder
  • Thumbs up
  • Tasty!
  • Super stevia-y
  • I really like it