How Cameron Diaz Got in Shape For Her Sex Tape

You can count 2014 as the year of Cameron Diaz's body. Not only did the 41-year-old actress recently release a book — appropriately titled The Body Book — about feeling and looking your best, but in her newest film, Sex Tape, she also bares it all for the first time on screen. It takes a lot of confidence and fearlessness to strip down for millions of people — not to mention a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Take a look at how Cameron's consistently healthy lifestyle choices have made this her best year yet.

Getty | Miquel Benitez

Her Workout

You may be surprised at how short Cameron's workouts are, but she's a fan of smarter, not harder. In an interview with Self in February, Cameron shared the following workout: "At the gym, I'll do intervals on the treadmill for five minutes, jamming out for 30 seconds at 10 or 12 mph, then resting for 15 seconds. Then I do lunges with rows, squats, and pushing and pulling cables. I use 10- to 15-pound weights if I want to build muscle or five- to eight-pound weights if I'm maintaining; you have to figure out your own needs and fitness level. I do two sets of 15 reps on everything. The whole thing takes me 20 to 30 minutes."

To work out like Cameron Diaz, follow along to these video workouts from her longtime trainer, Teddy Bass:

When it's time for cardio, Cameron likes to run on the treadmill or hop on the elliptical, even if she only has 10 or 15 minutes. "I don't look at exercise as a chore," she told USA Today. "I look at it as something I get to do. I am grateful that I can move my body in that way." Her tip: for less impact on your joints with the same calorie burn, go shorter but faster. "I do a mile as fast as I can go," she says. "I don't like to run too long, because it can have an impact on my knees or joints. I'm more of a sprinter."

Her Diet

A self-described reformed fast-food junkie, Cameron is very vocal about how changing your diet can affect not only your appearance, but also how you feel on the inside. "If you are eating processed foods, and you're not getting all your nutrients, not exercising properly, then you are not living in the body that you were meant to live in," she writes in The Body Book. She maintains her big-screen-ready figure with whole, natural foods — along with the occasional bean-burrito indulgence. One of her favorite healthy meals: a savory oatmeal recipe that includes sautéed greens and ponzu sauce.

If you're trying to slim down fast, follow Teddy Bass's advice: skip those white foods like salt, sugar, dairy, and white flour.

Her Attitude

It's all about body confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin, which Cameron says has come with age. On being in her 40s, Cameron recently told Esquire, "I love it. So much sh*t just falls away — fear, mostly. It's the best age. That's when a woman knows how to work things, or she doesn't care about that anymore. You just stop being afraid. You don't worry about what men think. You just don't worry that time registers anything awful." That's an attitude we can get behind, no matter what our age.