Ditching Cardio For Weights and Eating More Helped Emma "Build a Bum"

We're hearing about more and more women who are picking up barbells — not just to lose weight, but to grow their muscles. Emma Alvarez's recent transformation post proves that lifting offers some serious booty gains! Emma admits, "Yes, I was that stereotypical gal who originally started off using the running machine and thought I could build a bum . . . HOW WRONG WAS I, EH?!?! WEIGHTS IS THE ANSWER (and a calorie surplus, especially after newbie gains)."

Emma is never looking back! She says, "Lifting weights and eating lots of food has made me stronger, made me happy, and helped me build a booooooty." Emma's advice? If you're thinking about lifting weights, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! It doesn't make you look 'manly'. It doesn't make you look 'bulky.' It builds curves and makes you a strong ass gal🔥🔥."

Cardio vs. weight transformations are awesome, but Emma reminds us that we shouldn't forget about calories. She says, "You cannot gain muscle (and build your booty) lifting weights and NOT be eating in a calorie surplus. . . A calorie surplus means eating more calories than you burn."

Yes to eating! Emma shares the one mistake she made when she started lifting was not eating enough. "I ate literally nothing and I struggled to gain muscle. Since I have been eating more, I have gained muscle (and a bum wooooo🍑). SO TO GET A BOOTY, EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT!"

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