Go Beyond the Treadmill: 4 Cardio-Machine Workouts For Newbies

Yes, running offers an awesome, calorie-blasting workout, but there's a wide world of cardio beyond the long line of treadmills at your gym! Start with these beginner-friendly workouts on different machines you may not have tried before.

Booty-burning elliptical plan: If you're brand new to a regular gym routine, there's no better cardio machine to get started with than the elliptical trainer: it's easy on the joints but still gets your heart rate up. Try this 30-minute elliptical workout that forces you to switch up the resistance and incline every few minutes, challenging your entire body — especially your backside.

Belly-fat-blasting bike workout: Even if you don't hit up a boutique indoor cycling class, you can get a great ride solo on the exercise bike at the gym; the stationary bike burns a ton of calories as you tone up your legs. This 30-minute plan keeps things interesting by making the most of interval training which has been linked to fighting belly fat.

Row through intervals: Former Olympic rower Judy Geer created this rowing machine pyramid interval workout to get newbies started on this awesome machine that works your whole body, hitting muscles in the core, legs, arms, back, and butt. Just be sure you have mastered basic rowing form to keep your body safe and injury free.

Quick StepMill workout: There's always a slew of StepMills begging for someone to hop on! Don't be fooled by a general lack of interest — this machine offers an intense cardio workout. If you've never used this machine before, then this tough 25-minute workout is a perfect place to start. All you have to worry about is stepping up onto those stairs and pressing start.