CBD Has Changed My Life and Demolished My Anxiety With Zero Downside

POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino
POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino

Until a handful of months ago, I had become so accustomed to a baseline level of pretty aggressive anxiety; the thought that life could feel any different never crossed my mind. I had some tools to stave off panic attacks and my rituals in place, and I simply figured what I was experiencing was my normal.

It wasn't normal. If you've ever heard someone tell you "I didn't know how healthy and good I could feel until I started (insert any diet tip or lifestyle change here)" — maybe someone you know cut out junk food and didn't realize they felt like garbage until they felt better by eliminating processed foods — that was me with anxiety . . . and CBD.

I was always fascinated by what marijuana and its derivatives could do but never considered it to be an option for me. I didn't want to get high and decided it wasn't an available choice for my everyday life. But then I read about CBD, and my interest immediately piqued. Fellow POPSUGAR editor Annie Gabillet had done extensive research on marijuana for PMS and subsequently introduced me to CBD . . . which she told me "doesn't get you high." And to boot, there are several hemp-derived CBD products available online.

CBD has unlocked joy and peace that has been trapped under layers of overwhelming stress and anxiety.

Shortly thereafter, I got the opportunity to try CW Hemp's CBD oil, and I jumped at the chance. I prefer natural remedies whenever possible (though I'm not opposed to using Ativan in an emergency), and when I saw an all-natural, plant-based, antianxiety, anti-inflammatory remedy, I was in.

I'd be lying if I said I got the perfect CBD regimen dialed immediately. It took time and some trial and error to get my perfect dose and routine right. Just like with any kind of medication or supplement, sometimes it takes your body a bit of time to acclimate. But once I did, it changed my life.

POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino

Simply put, CBD has unlocked joy and peace that has been trapped under layers of overwhelming stress and anxiety. It has cleared the emotional clutter and allowed for a deep mental and physiological release that's brought my brain and body back to my true happy self.

Using CBD doesn't impact the clarity of my thoughts, my focus at work, or my energy levels. I can take it in the morning or afternoon to feel calm, and I can take it before bed to get deeper, more restful sleep (while recovering from whatever workout I did that day, thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects!). I feel like I've been released from a heavy weight that's been holding me back (and for the longest time, I didn't even notice I was held back at all). The effects are quite similar to Ativan, but you don't need to worry about withdrawals or any feelings of addiction or dependency.

If you're trying to catch a buzz or get high and let go of stress in that way, a pure CBD product is not for you. You'll still want to use THC for that specific purpose. I realize some people can go about their everyday lives high — work and workouts included — but if you're like me and not one of those people, CBD is the way to go. If you want something natural that allows you to obliterate anxiety and stress from your everyday, then I'm not exaggerating, go to any online retailer and start ordering CBD. Like, right now. I'd recommend CW Hemp, Sagely Naturals, Infinite CBD, and Not Pot because I've tried their products, but there are a bunch of reliable retailers out there (I have heard great things about Diamond CBD and Green Gorilla, too!).

I've tried a lot of products in my time as a fitness writer. Of every single wellness product I've sampled, experimented with, and exhaustively tested, CBD is absolutely the most effective, most powerful, best thing that has come into my life. I cannot overstate its impact, its importance, or the miraculous qualities it has had on my life. More people need to know about this. Pass it on.

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