These Celebrities All Lost Weight With WW and Are Living Proof the Program Works

Weight Watchers rebranded itself as WW ("Wellness That Works") in September 2018, but the goals of the program are still the same: help people live their best, healthiest lives. As part of its 360-degree approach to wellness, many people turn to the WW program to lose weight, and the success stories speak for themselves.

But celebrities have also jumped on the WW bandwagon and lost an impressive amount of weight. Keep reading to see the famous faces that have all found success with WW, proving that it truly is wellness that works.

Oprah Winfrey
Getty | Kevin Mazur

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is perhaps the most high-profile celebrity associated with WW. In 2015, she bought 10 percent of the company, and she remains an active ambassador of the brand. "I have had a better life since being a part of the WW family," Oprah said in a video on the company website.

But she doesn't just tout the benefits of the program; she's living proof that it works. As of 2018, Oprah lost 42 pounds through her experience with WW, and she has kept it off. Based on her plentiful vegetable garden, line of healthier frozen food, and overall positive outlook on life, Oprah embodies everything about the WW program.

DJ Khaled

The music mogul and king of Snapchat joined WW in 2017 (Weight Watchers at the time), and he uses the program's Freestyle program. According to, DJ Khaled loves ZeroPoint foods such as eggs, chicken, and sashimi. In an Instagram post on Feb. 2, he posted that he had lost 40 pounds on the program. "I'm not racing I'm not speeding I'm cruising," he said. He's only three pounds away from his goal weight of 250 pounds.

Kevin Smith

Filmmaker Kevin Smith started WW after he suffered a near-fatal heart attack in 2018. Since his heart attack, he's lost more than 50 pounds, much of that with WW (he started with the company when it was still known as Weight Watchers).

In an Instagram post from August 2018, Kevin revealed that after his heart attack, his doctor told him to lose 50 pounds. Six months later, he lost 51 pounds (and plans on losing another 10!) with WW. He also thanked WW for the "app-based program that made it easy to keep track of and control my eating!" Kevin now eats a plant-based diet and uses his platform with WW to promote heart health and heart disease prevention.

Jessica Simpson
Getty | Jon Kopaloff

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson signed on to be a spokesperson for WW (Weight Watchers at the time) in 2012 after the birth of her daughter, Maxwell, and lost 50 pounds on the program. Although she got pregnant again when her daughter was only a few months old, the singer and fashion designer lost another 60 pounds on the program after the birth of her son, Ace, in 2013.

Although Jessica hasn't been a spokesperson for the brand in a few years, she continued to use WW before her 2014 nuptials to husband Eric Johnson. There's no denying the program worked for her at the time, as evidenced by the photo above (pictured in 2014).

Jennifer Hudson
Getty | Karwai Tang

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson showed off a more svelte figure in 2010 after becoming the spokesperson for WW (Weight Watchers at the time). When she first became a spokesperson, she had lost a little over 50 pounds. By 2011, she revealed on The Oprah Winfrey Show that she lost 80 pounds, going from a size 16 to a size six.

Although Jennifer hasn't been a spokesperson for WW for a few years — she ended the partnership in 2014 — she's kept her weight off, as evidenced by the photo above (pictured in January 2019).