J Lo's Hairstylist Is Today's Unexpected Source of Ab-Workout Inspiration

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton isn't just an endless source of easy hair hacks and ideas — he's also serving up some serious fitness inspiration. The beauty pro, who most recently did Jennifer Lopez's hair before her and Ben Affleck's Las Vegas wedding, just shared a glimpse at the ab workout that helps him stay so strong. In a video filmed at Dogpound gym and posted on both TikTok and Instagram, Appleton (or shall we say Ableton?) shirtlessly crushes a routine alongside trainer Zach Powell.

After breezing through a set of hanging ab curls, Appleton and Powell each balance a 25-pound weight plate on top of their knees for a hanging hold. Their workout also includes weighted tuck-ups, hanging twisting ab curls, diamond sit-ups, and a variation on seated knee tucks — all perfectly in sync. Watching them nail every intense move in tandem just might make you sweat as much as we did while watching Christopher Meloni's recent nude Peloton ad, if you're catching our drift.

This isn't the first time Appleton has offered followers a glimpse inside his fitness routine. Earlier this month, he shared his high-intensity cardio workout using battle ropes, a fan bike, and a jump rope. And last year, he posted a YouTube video documenting his favorite upper body workout, including cross-body lateral raises, dumbbell flys, alternating dumbbell presses on an incline bench, and decline push-ups. Here's to hoping Appleton continues delivering the fitness content we've all been craving.