Watch This CrossFitter Casually Lift a Grown Woman . . . Both of Them Have PERFECT Form!

If you're looking for partner fitness goals, look no further than this viral video, which gained traction on the CrossFit Games Facebook page. Simply put, it's a human bodyweight — literally — version of a "clean and jerk," one of CrossFit's most popular lifting moves. But while most people watching, sharing, and commenting on the video are focused on the guy who is doing the lifting, we can't pull our eyes away from the woman being lifted!

Don't get us wrong — the guy's form is incredible, and squatting while holding a muscular, adult woman directly above your own head clearly isn't an easy feat. But the woman being lifted has an equally tough job, maintaining a perfectly straight form while being lifted, moved, and used as a human barbell; it's like doing a side plank but taken up 100 notches. And throughout the whole video, she maintains a huge smile on her face . . . which, we'll admit, isn't always our first instinct while sweating our way through planks.

Watch the video of the impressive pair's exercise above, then study up on CrossFit moves that you can try at home. With or without a partner, you'll definitely challenge yourself!