4 Ways to Debloat During Breakfast

After a long weekend of fun, food, cocktails, or all of the above, you can wake up feeling like a giant marshmallow. Although eating or drinking anything else might be the last thing on your mind, certain foods or liquid can cut your symptoms in half. Try one of these items for breakfast the next time you wake up feeling bloated, and see how quickly they shrink you back to normal.


Drink the right fluids: Why not hydrate and debloat at the same time? Coconut water peppermint tea, and kombucha are tasty liquids known to help reduce inflammation or fight belly bloat. Adding chia seeds to beverages are also another option. Try this chia seed drink first thing in the morning to begin the debloating process instantly. Incorporate this one on a daily basis to feel more energized in the mornings.

Go tropical: Papaya and pineapple are both fruits known to help move the digestion process along. Slice some as a side to your breakfast or make it the main attraction with this papaya doughnut recipe. These doughnuts have the look you may be craving without risking the possible constipation that comes from the real thing. If smoothies are more your speed, add into this refreshing tropical blend that also includes mint and ginger.

Add hydrating vegetables: It's no secret that hydration can counteract the effects of a sodium binge or long night out. Throw some water-rich veggies like tomato or bell peppers into your meal to get the ball rolling. This veggie frittata also contains asparagus, which eases gas and flushes waste from your system.

Choose whole grains: Instead of reaching for that easy bowl of boxed cereal, opt for a debloating star like quinoa, which can easily stand in for oatmeal. Or double up on debloating abilities by adding probiotic-rich yogurt to the mix as found in this breakfast quinoa bowl recipe. By making breakfast a meal that can aid in shrinking the puffiness you might feel, you'll be able to feel lighter by lunch time.