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Dietitians to Follow on TikTok

10 Dietitians to Follow on TikTok Who Will Help Heal Your Relationship With Food

Dietitians to Follow on TikTok
Image Source: Pexels / Helena Lopes

While it may not hold true for every piece of content that graces the platform, it's hard argue that TikTok doesn't promote wellness in a number of ways. From its inherently communal setup to the ubiquitous sharing of skin-care routines, fitness regimens, and unfiltered content about mental health, TikTok remains a popular medium for self-care (subconscious or otherwise).

It's no surprise then that there's quite a large collective of registered dietitians on TikTok who are constantly promoting healthy eating, healthy living, and an all-around positive relationship with food. We've compiled a list of dietitians to follow on TikTok for bonafide tips, tricks, and inspiration to be your healthiest, happiest self.

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