9 Fitness Accounts We Can't Stop Watching on TikTok Right Now

Whether you're looking for exercise routines and expert advice from certified trainers, or simply want to do nothing more than stare at Gus the English Bulldog interrupting his owner's workouts, social media can be a grade-A place for fitness content. And, in case you haven't already noticed, TikTok is no exception.

We're not just talking about the Flex Challenge (may the odds be ever in your favor if you attempt that one). Influencers like Jen Selter and trainers such as Cassey Ho have migrated over to the land of beauty hacks, lip syncs, and catchy dances we can't get enough of. Why? Because TikTok is F.U.N.

Looking for fitness motivation and trainers to follow on the app? After a deep dive, we've complied a list of influencers and experts. Some of them (the trainers) provide actual workout tips and exercises, while others (mostly the influencers) show off tricks and post entertaining content we're beaming over. So, scroll on, my friend. We invite you!


Cassey Ho

Blogilates creator and ACE-certified personal trainer Cassey Ho posts exercise videos, full workouts, viral dance challenges, and more on her TikTok page. She has nearly 150K followers so far — and for good reason!

Follow on TikTok: @blogilatesofficial

Follow on Instagram: @blogilates


Jule Louise

Jule, a model and trainer, confirmed that she's certified through ISSA. She also went through her own weightlifting transformation over a span of two years and wants to help people do the same. Her TikTok is full of fitness inspo and a whole lot of booty gains.

Follow on TikTok: @juleloui.fit

Follow on Instagram: @juleloui.fit


Jen Selter

Jen, being the influencer and booty-building extraordinaire that she is, has a huge following on TikTok. She posts videos of workouts she does, fun dances and TikTok challenges, and random tidbits from her life (like footage of herself baking).

Follow on TikTok: @jenselter

Follow on Instagram: @jenselter


Laura Novack

Laura Novack told POPSUGAR that she's a NASM-certified personal trainer as well as a corrective exercise and sports performance specialist. The majority of her TikTok is made up of cool videos where she demonstrates gymnastics-like stunts, but she does post exercise videos, too, as seen here!

Follow on TikTok: @lauranovack

Follow on Instagram: @laura.novack


Nicole Ferrier

This ACE-certified personal trainer shares workout tips and facts on weight loss and weight gain, debunks fitness myths, and posts cute videos of her dog. We're happy about all of it!

Follow on TikTok: @nicoleferrierandhope

Follow on Instagram: @nicoleferrierfitness


Sam Gach

Sam is a yogi who posts videos, midpractice, of being interrupted by his adorable dog, Ella. I mean, just look at her! Ella is now 2 years old, so a lot of the footage on TikTok thus far is from when she was younger. Regardless, these videos are pretty darn great to watch and rewatch anytime, especially when you need a smile.

Follow on TikTok: @samgach

Follow on Instagram: @samgach


Hannah Miller Gonzalez

Hannah, who told POPSUGAR she's a NASM-certified personal trainer, has a TikTok page that's mainly focused on workouts. For instance, her most recent video shows seven abduction exercises using a booty band. The one shown here demonstrates a separate banded burnout for the glutes. But, it's not just about the booty; she has videos for your upper body, too.

Follow on TikTok: @hmillerfitness

Follow on Instagram: @hmillerfit


Des Pfeifer

Des confirmed she's a certified personal trainer through ACSM with an app of her own, and she posts badass videos galore whether they're dances, workout footage, or a look into her everyday life. She's just the motivation — and friendly face — we need!

Follow on TikTok: @desb___

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Antonie Lokhorst

Antonie is a Dutch fitness influencer, model, and Gymshark sponsored athlete. He posts a lot of amazing stunts and workout challenges that showcase just how powerful the body can be! Many of his videos feature "air walking" while hanging on a bar, which looks like it would crush your abs to bits.

Follow on TikTok: @antonielokhorst

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