Does Lush Sleepy Lotion Actually Help You Sleep?

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I sleep through earthquakes, construction outside our bedroom, my husband taking a shower, and getting ready for work. It's my superpower. My husband, however, wakes at the slightest noise and regularly wakes every few hours throughout the night and early morning hours. This means he lives a sleep-deprived existence, so I've made it my mission to help him out. We turned our bedroom into a cave with blackout curtains and switched to linen sheets for better temperature control to no avail. He tried taking CBD and melatonin supplements and joined a gym to get in more exercise, but nothing has made a noticeable difference — until now.

Enter: Lush Sleepy Lotion ($13 for 3.1 oz., $25 for 7.4 oz.), a super creamy lotion made up of natural ingredients like oat milk, cocoa butter, and almond oil. The scent is a mix of lavender and tonka perfume, the latter of which has notes of vanilla, cherry, almond, and cinnamon.

After reading a number of reviews online raving about how this magic lotion can cure everything from insomnia to eczema, I had to see if it'd help my husband finally sleep through the night. And if it didn't work, at least he'd have soft skin, right?

Two important things to note about my husband: he's a skeptic and he doesn't endorse products. He also thinks lavender triggers his allergies and he despises glitter. So you can imagine his trepidation at the prospect of me slathering a glitter-topped lavender-scented lotion on him. After he read all the glowing reviews about how it helps people sleep and cures a number of other ailments — the product has a 4.8 out of five-star rating based on 600-plus reviews on the Lush website — his big takeaway was that someone, somewhere noted it smells like "stale bread." (Agree to disagree on that one. More like lavender-vanilla cookies.)

But he gave in (or rather, I didn't give him a choice in the matter), and I rubbed a little bit of the stale bread lotion on his upper back, neck, and shoulders right before bed. After repeating this bedtime ritual for a couple of weeks, I received the text I'd been waiting for: "So I don't know what it is, but that lotion actually seems to keep me asleep." As I said, he's a skeptic, so this is about as enthusiastic as he gets. Specifically, he said it gives him an extra two to three hours a night of sleep (he wakes up at around 5 a.m. instead of 2 to 3 a.m.). And since every little bit helps when you're looking for a few extra zzz's, I'd consider this a win. If you're struggling with sleeping through the night, I'd highly recommend giving this yummy lotion a try!