The "Flex Challenge" Is Taking Over the Internet, and It Looks Damn Near Impossible

The latest internet challenge doesn't involve ingesting Tide Pods or unscrewing a bottle cap while doing a roundhouse kick — it tests your flexibility like it's probably never been tested before and you may even pull a muscle or two in the process if you're not careful. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Dubbed the Flex Challenge, the now-viral stunt was thrust into the spotlight by college gymnast Jax Kranitz. A student at the University of Iowa, Jax recently shared a video in which she somehow manages to go from lying on her stomach with her hands behind her back to a standing position, all without rolling onto her side or back. Her legs whip outward into a split at such an impressive speed, I think I pulled my groin simply watching her nail the move in one fell swoop.

Jax's video has since spread like wildfire across Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, with tons of brave souls attempting the Flex Challenge. Though some have successfully done it without going to the hospital for a dislocated hip, thanks to a shortcut that evades doing a split, others wound up looking like a floundering fish out of water while trying to master it. Ahead, watch a handful of Flex Challenge videos that've been shared on social media so far, and please, for the love of all that is good, stretch, know your physical limits, and be cautious if you can't resist trying this one at home.

Jax Kranitz's Original Flex Challenge Video

Videos of Other People Attempting the Flex Challenge

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