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The Fitness Marshall "Positions" Dance Cardio Workout

Sweat It Out With the Fitness Marshall's Sexy "Positions" Dance Cardio Routine

The Fitness Marshall's dance workouts combine sexy with sweaty better than anyone out there. His new "Positions" workout is set to the sultry new Ariana Grande song, so of course our expectations were high. In the first half of the workout, you're doing lots of spinning, jumping, and squatting, getting your heart rate up fast. Then, get ready to switch the mood and turn up the heat. "We're gonna get crazy, I need you to trust me," says choreographer Caleb Marshall as he slides down into a pike position, leading your through some sexy floorwork to fire up your abs and glutes. As always, follow "backup booty" Allison Florea for beginner options (or if you're just not feeling planks today, which, same). Grab some water, hit play, and get ready to sweat and feel amazing. (PS: check out the background during the second chorus for some election-style easter eggs!)

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