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Try Gabrielle Union's Full-Body HIIT Workout on FitOn App

Gabrielle Union Is Hilariously Relatable in Her New HIIT Workout Video

It may feel like there are tons of online workouts to choose from right now — and that's true — but it can be hard to find one that is free and easy to do at home with minimal space and equipment.

Fortunately, actor and fitness-lover Gabrielle Union has teamed up with the FitOn app for a new series of workout videos that are totally free and accessible. Plus, the three new videos are all under 20 minutes long, meaning you can conveniently fit them into a busy schedule.

She plugged the collaboration on her Instagram. "I can't promise it won't make you curse in exhaustion," she captioned the post, "but I can promise it'll be worth it... and I'll do my best to entertain you along the way!" Fans of the Bring It On star will be excited to learn that she absolutely delivers on that last promise.

I checked out the full-body HIIT program, and Union's hilariously relatable commentary throughout the workout made me feel completely seen. After the first circuit, her trainer, Quinn, asks how she is feeling. Union candidly replies, gesturing at her abs, "I'm feeling like I made some bad decisions in the last couple of days and I'm feeling it right now." At another point in the video, she literally rolls away off camera at the thought of doing one more set of dumbbell swings.

In spite of her amusing narration, Union's strength really shows through as she keeps up with her trainer move for move. She executes a challenging circuit of squats, mountain climbers, and lunges, among other exercises, and offers motivational words of encouragement along the way.

You can check out the moves from this workout below, but be sure to download the FitOn app to do the full workout. You will need one dumbbell to complete the circuit. The app also will give you access to her other videos, including the new Core Strong and Arms and Back Burner classes.

Quinn recommends doing this circuit up to three times with rests between. In the FitOn video, they do it twice. And remember to make sure you're warmed up first!

  1. Jump squats — 20 reps alternating touching the ground with each hand
  2. Bend at the waist, walk out your hands, and tap your shins — 8 reps
  3. Drop lunges with shoulder press-ups — 8 reps for each arm
  4. Shoulder taps in a high-plank position — 10 reps
  5. Hip hinges and knee lifts — 10 reps for each leg
  6. Mountain climbers — 20 reps alternating legs
  7. Dumbbell swings — 12 reps for each arm

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Image Source: Instagram / @gabunion
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