When Your Healthy Day Doesn't Go as Planned

The first step out the door is the hardest, right? Well sometimes all the steps afterward can make staying on the healthy path impossible. Like spilling your kale, kiwi, banana smoothie on the floor. Keep reading to see more #fails — have these happened to you?

Dang it! Forgot sneakers entirely.

Not only is my fiber-filled breakfast ruined, but now I have to clean up this mess.


Guess I'll have to skip the rowing machine today.

Trying to make a week of mason jar salads didn't start off very well.

Ugh, I even woke up early.

Managed to remember my lunch from home but grabbed the wrong container. #FML

Who burns hard-boiled eggs? I do, apparently. Ugh.

Two left sneakers. Awesome.

One sneaker? Even better.

Smoothie-making not going as planned.

Seriously? How do you even break a Theraband?

When pureeing white bean and kale soup turns into unintentional wall art, it's not good. Not good at all.

Forgetting my gym clothes sucks.

So much for trying to go light on the dressing.

Crap, forgot the Body Glide!

Clearly wasn't thinking when I packed my lunch.

Good gracious, is that an eyelash on my chickpea?! That'll teach me to hit the cafe instead of bringing salads from home.

Accidentally adding the plastic corner I cut off a bag of frozen fruit to the blender tastes even worse than you think.

Oh sweet. My Garmin died 10 minutes into my workout.

Now that's what you call working your ass off.

You were so psyched to make that cauliflower crust pizza everyone's been talking about, but then you totally forget to set the timer.

When you're cooking lunch for tomorrow and accidentally burn your 21 Day Fix container. #sadness

So much for going light on the dressing.