The Elf on the Shelf Lifts Big Weights, Eats Veggies, and Gets His Yoga On!

While many elves on the shelf are mischievous with an excessive sweet tooth, and pounding Froot Loops and marshmallows while washing it all down with containers of maple syrup, some elves are trying to look and feel their best by showing off their healthy side. Check out these fit-minded, health-conscious elves working out, eating their veggies, and getting in some self-care to combat the holiday stress. These Elf on the Shelf ideas just might inspire the kiddos to leave Santa a spinach smoothie instead of cookies this Christmas Eve!

Ahhhh . . . essential oils are so relaxing.

Elves love nourishing breakfast bowls.

Elves need self-care too! Time for a little bubble bath.

Weeee! Elves love sledding!

Self-care is important!

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Of course Elf on the Shelf does CrossFit.

Battle ropes!

Elf loves green smoothies!

Elf needs a little TLC after a stressful night of making toys.

Elf Twister! Check out his flexibility!

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Pigeon pose feels so good. And is that a Manduka Mat?

5,000 meters, go!

Elf-ercise is very important!

Tennis anyone?

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Check out the rock climber!

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Time to get a run in.

Get in those kettlebell swings!

These marshmallow weights are heavy!

Legs, core, arms — go!

This Elf home gym is made with chocolate and marshmallows!

Stretching out those tight hips after his run.

Snoopy is one tough gymnastics judge!

That CrossFit WOD was insane! Is that sweat or tears?

Dental health is very important.

The Elf loves healthy snacks.

Misty Copeland would be so proud.

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Run, Elfie, run!

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This Elf is making sure his new workout playlist is perfect for his afternoon run.

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A little TRX for this little Elf.

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This Elf is looking for some snow.

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This Elf is shooting some hoops.

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Aww, a green smoothie? How thoughtful (and healthy!).

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What a fun way to encourage healthy eating.

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Holiday stress is getting to them, so Elf is teaching Elsa a little yoga.

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For this stressful time of year, Child's Pose makes Elfie feel calmer.

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Climbing the pipes sure strengthens the upper body — he must miss his Elf gym back at the North Pole.

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It's time to work on his putting skills.

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This Elf is quite the acrobat.

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Shhh, Elfie is meditating.

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So that's how this Elf has thighs of steel — he rides reindeer!

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Relieve holiday stress like this little Elf with some calming meditation.

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This Elf is carving out his six-pack.

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Bowling with candy!

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Sleep is important, too.

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This Elf isn't afraid to get strong and show off her muscles.

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Yogi Elf getting his om on.

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This Elf never misses a sweat session.

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How about a little aerial yoga?

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Jumping rope burns serious calories!

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A little too much cardio for this Elf.

Safety first!

Elf hit a PR!

A little yoga by the twinkly Christmas tree is so magical.