Spring Clean Your Health With Habits You Can Start Today

Being healthy isn't about spending hours at the gym and living off green juice. Feeling better both about and in your body starts with simple lifestyle tweaks that will increase your energy and establish healthy habits that will serve you well later on in life. Here are a few you can start today!

  1. Eat breakfast: Start your day off right with a protein- and fiber-filled breakfast that will give you energy to tackle the day. Follow this tip from Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis: eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up in order to feel your best and strongest.
  2. Drink lots of water: Kick the soda habit for good — while an occasional treat is nothing to worry about, constantly reaching for a can is bad for your heart, waistline, teeth, you name it. If you crave something bubbly and sweet, opt for a squeeze of citrus in sparkling water.
  3. Go for a walk: Losing weight isn't the only reason why you should stick to a regular workout routine. Aiming for 150 minutes of activity a week helps reduce your risk of many diseases, as does limiting the amount of time you're sitting around all day. Go for a 20-minute walk at lunch and take frequent breaks from your desk to both increase your calorie burn and have a healthier body.
  4. Make a simple swap: You don't have to be on a 24-hour salad diet to feel healthier. Start with simple swaps that increase nutrition in your diet without feeling like you're on one. Adding veggies to every meal (even ones that involve pizza) and swapping mayo for these healthier condiments will ensure you're getting protein, fiber, and other nutrients instead of just fat.
  5. Change your outlook: Being healthy shouldn't be a chore, but rather something that makes you happy. Think about something that you like to do, like dancing, meeting up with friends, or cooking with loved ones, and try to focus on keeping these as healthy as possible — sip or skip those sugary, alcoholic drinks, don't guzzle them; or choose a healthy recipe to cook with your family — and you'll see just how fun being healthy can be.
  6. Get more sleep: Constantly depriving yourself of sleep increases stress levels, disease risk, and even belly fat. Make sleep a priority tonight by turning off the TV and ensuring you practice these other healthy bedtime habits that will help you sleep soundly.