Are Your Hips and Lower Back Tight? Try This Hip-Mobility Stretching Video From Massy Arias

If you work out regularly, especially if you do repetitive motions where you sit or stand in a single plan, such as running, biking, or strength training with squats, deadlifts, or lunges, Massy Arias, an ISSA-certified trainer, said you're at risk of muscle imbalances and lack of joint mobility, which could cause injuries or pain. She said "too many of us focus on workouts and don't put enough attention on the mobility of our joints and flexibility of our muscles."

Here's a series of movements she does to be able to perform at her best, stay injury-free, and keep her lower back, spine, and knees healthy. The five exercises are shin boxes, Scorpion stretch, half-kneeling psoas stretch, pigeon pose, and frog stretch. It'll only take a few minutes, but Arias said it can improve how your hips, lower back, and spine feel. She said, "This is going to help your body feel amazing."