This Roundup of Instagram Memes Is a Friendly Reminder to Honor Your Hunger

Diet culture tells us to ignore our hunger in the name of shrinking our bodies. It convinces us to ignore our intuition about our very basic need for nourishment, and values thinness over health. F*ck that! For anyone who is restricting calories, giving up certain foods, or not eating the foods they crave just to lose weight, know that it's OK and necessary to honor your hunger.

Listen to your body when your stomach is growling or you feel lightheaded, but also honor your emotional hunger when you walk by a bakery and that chocolate cupcake looks too damn good to pass up. You deserve to feel full and satisfied and to enjoy eating. Eating is essential to our health to fuel our bodies and eating also brings us joy. These 15 memes are for those who need a little reminder to trust that voice inside saying, "Take care of yourself."

On a related note, you've probably heard a lot about intermittent fasting (IF), and when you're going through the adjustment period of maybe skipping breakfast if you're doing 16:8, you can expect to feel hungry at breakfast time. Within a week or two, your body will adjust and you'll no longer feel hungry outside your feeding window. But if at any time during this period you feel lightheaded, overly fatigued, or have any other symptoms that make it difficult to carry on with your day, then listen to your body, honor your hunger, and eat! Gradually building up to your desired fasting window will allow you to simultaneously listen to your body and reach your IF goals.