Here's How to Feel Energized — Not Destroyed — When You Work Out

You're not going to have perfect energy levels during every workout, but there are some things you can do to give yourself an advantage. If you've ever left a workout feeling absolutely destroyed, wondering where those endorphins were hiding, then this one's for you.

Stay Hydrated

Crunch Fitness Group Fitness Director Michelle Opperman told POPSUGAR the "absolute number one rule" for having energy is "being hydrated." Make sure you're drinking enough water before you start your workout, during your workout, and after your workout. Dehydration can cause feelings of fatigue, faintness, and dizziness.

Don't Overexercise

You don't have to work out for hours to get results — you can keep it short and sweet! "I think most believe the longer their workout, the better," said Opperman. "But it's really about working out smart and having a plan going in." She recommended HIIT — high intensity interval training — "which is a mix of higher and lower intensities," she said. "I go all out for short bursts, keeping my heart rate up, which means I can work out for less time." This, in turn, leads to feeling energized, not exhausted.

Rise and Shine

Try working out in the morning, if your schedule permits. You may not feel as tired from the workday, and you may feel more of a boost by using exercise to wake yourself up.

Drink Some Coffee

Not only does caffeine help you burn more calories during exercise, but it'll give you a supercharged energy boost, too. Try adding some coffee to your pre-workout smoothie, and you'll have an uplifting breakfast that'll help you power through your sweat session.

Have Fun

Our favorite tip! Having fun is essential to fitness success, and Opperman agrees. "I think it is important to enjoy your workouts," she said. "The beauty of fitness now is there is so much to choose from," and it's true: there are a million different types of classes and workouts! "I believe if you love the class or type of workout you are doing, you will feel more energized during and after . . . and more likely to continue."

Rest and Recover

Recovery and proper body care are paramount to maintaining energy not just during your workout, but also throughout the week. Opperman emphasized how a rest day each week is imperative to prevent burnout. Cut yourself some slack! Trainer and wellness coach Caroline Jordan told POPSUGAR, "Listen to your body; respect it and rest. Go with the flow of what your body needs each day so that you can progress." She mentioned that you don't always have to "stick to a rigid plan because you feel you have to."

In addition to rest days, foam rolling — before the workout! — can also help. "When I take the time to foam roll before a workout, it promotes circulation and relieves tension in the muscles," said Opperman. "This allows me to move more efficiently and not waste energy."