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Fun Ways to Lose Weight

The Most Fun Ways to Get Fit

We get it. Finding inspiration to get fit isn't always easy. It seems like every single thing we do in life is getting newer, easier, and more exciting except getting back in shape. It's unfair, isn't it? It can be, but only if you insist on doing the same old thing. Why confine yourself to the same old routine, same old cardio, and same old, tired excuses that keep you away from your goals? Here are the most fun ways to get back in shape this year!


Yes, it's true! You really can go on a trip, be pampered, indulge, and enjoy yourself while also getting back into shape! But if you think you'll get these results from hitting the buffets in Vegas, you're dead wrong! The type of travel that we're suggesting is a fitness retreat. You get all the great things about a luxury five-star week with hands-on direction from fitness experts like New York Times bestseller and eat-clean guru Tosca Reno. Reno told POPSUGAR that these retreats do change lives thanks to the one-on-one guidance and training you receive.

What does this mean in real terms? You get all the fun of going to the beach and relaxing in the sun after a morning workout and then get to learn how to make a healthy lunch with expert tips designed to help you get in the best shape of your life! Reno's retreat runs in Costa Rica on April 2017, hosted by My Retreats Unlimited, who has a whole squad of other fit professionals like celebrity trainer Mark Harari. You can also stay at any one of these health resorts, which offer ongoing fitness programs throughout the year.



Sometimes the last thing you want to do is get into a kitchen and make your own meal. It can be a chore even on the nicest days, but maybe the reason you're dreading your pots and pans is because you're lacking the creativity you need to make food preparation fun. Taking a cooking class is a great way to reignite your interest in all things culinary. According to Toronto-based culinary nutritionist Keisha Luke, "Learning how to cook new things in new ways is an important step to eating right and getting healthy." It's not just the skills though. In fact, "the habit of cooking healthy meals and planning out your diet can be fun but, more importantly, it is the foundation a healthy lifestyle," Luke told us. In addition to that, there's really nothing more gratifying than enjoying a meal you made for yourself or your family. Want some more fun in the kitchen? Cook with your partner or kids. The laughs far outweigh the inevitable mess and you'll be making memories and healthy habits for life!


Video gaming has long been cast aside as a waste of time by parents and frustrated significant others for years, but new innovations in virtual reality (VR) has really made gaming a totally new way to get in shape. No longer are you confined to a couch with a Red Bull and a bag of Doritos for sustenance during filler story bumpers between game play. Now, in VR gaming, you're actually in the game. We're not talking about the Nintendo Wii either. This isn't just swinging a tethered remote at your TV. Want real proof? There's no better proof than results, right? This guy's 50-day VR fitness challenge boasted serious results where he lost almost 15 pounds playing VR fitness games for 50 days. Add to this the fact that a simple 20-minute session squaring off against virtual beams of light, off the wall boxers, or flying a Pegasus through a far-off world could burn off almost twice as many calories as your steady-state cardio session, and we think you'll be a regular VR fitness fan in no time. You'll soon even be able to link it to your Fitbit and work out on VirZoom units at your local gyms.


Endless cardio just not cutting it for you? We get it and we hate it, too. Our advice is to step away from the treadmill and sign up for walking tours of your city, local parks, and nearby wilderness. According to certified personal trainer Kendall Wood and coauthor of Core Fitness Solution, "Many people think that the little things like walking don't bring about positive change, but that couldn't be further from the truth!" Wood advised us that a one-hour walking tour once a week could be the difference maker to finally reaching your goals. "Walk more with your mind less on your cardio and more on your surroundings and it will become more engaging and more of a habit and that's how you get fit and stay fit," Wood concluded. Another way to get into this habit is to adopt a dog and let your new furry friend be your guide to getting back into shape. Either way, walking with purpose works and it's a lot more fun than the treadmill!

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