Get a Toned Tummy Just Like Britney Spears With These 4 Easy Ab Moves

Have you seen Britney Spears lately? We have, and it's hard not to fixate on her popping abs! If you're thinking you could never have her abs, think again. Britney is a badass mother of two, and her amazing body is totally attainable. In a lot of ways, Brit is just like any one of us, and we can learn from her example and have a beach body all year-round.

Britney's best advice is, "You better work, b*tches," and it is one of her common Instagram captions on her workout videos. Are you ready to work? To get a bit more specific advice, we turned to one of our favorite fitness professionals and contributors Sarah Chadwell, CPT. Chadwell told us, "Every personal trainer will tell you that it takes discipline in five areas to have poppin' abs like Britney: determination, core training, cardio, diet, and consistency. Is it easy? No. Is it achievable? YES!" So, let's get to work!

"I browse Britney's Instagram account because I enjoy her exercise clips. It's easy to see she's back in the gym for the long haul, and she's enjoying it. Britney is mentally focused and it certainly shows physically. She has really found herself in her 30s," Chadwell told POPSUGAR.

A quick browse of Britney's social media will give you a sneak peak of how she's toning her tummy. Here's a sampler of her greatest core hits with some tips from Chadwell to help you master the moves!

Alternating knee raises

This one is simple, but Britney adds in some complexity by holding a bar above her head for even more stability. Be smart like Brit, and keep a steady pace. Don't race through them, and you'll feel the burn!


We've heard that Brit does anywhere from 500 to 1,000 sit-ups per day. We all know how to do sit-ups. Just get on the floor and start moving. Don't bounce your way through each rep. Instead, take a slow and steady pace throughout.

Knee tucks

Why do a V-sit when you can balance yourself on a bench and crunch your knees to your chest while maintaining balance and forcing your core to do all the work? Britney's abs know the answer, and so will yours! Make sure to focus on raising your knees up, instead of just forcing them toward your chest. Use your lower abs to make this move really burn.


There's nothing more important that total body strength for your core, and yoga is a great way to get your abs popping.