5 Healthy Habits Every Fit Girl Swears By

Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of the Australian activewear line Lorna Jane, has a confession: while she may seem like she lives the perfect healthy lifestyle, she struggles just as much as the next person to stay healthy every day. So how does she live a life filled with nonstop healthy choices? By making them the easy ones to make. "I am human like everybody else, so I really have to put all of these things in place to make it easy on myself," she told us during a recent trip to the US to celebrate the opening of her Active Living Room in San Diego, CA. Lorna shared with us what makes her stay healthy, no matter how hectic the day. Trust us: you'll want to pick up some of these habits!

  1. Lay out your exercise clothes by your bed: You'll be faced with a sweat-ready outfit as soon as you wake up; Lorna makes sure she does this so she can't talk herself out of her morning workout. "I have to do the walk of shame if I get up and I don't exercise," she says.
  2. Be a homemade snack queen: Peek inside Lorna's purse, and you're bound to find a multitude of healthy snacks placed so she's not "tempted to eat something naughty," she explains. One of her favorite ways to fuel: making a big batch of energy balls that she can throw in her freezer for a pick-me-up throughout the week. "It takes about a minute-and-a-half to defrost them, and when you put them in the freezer, you're not tempted to eat them all at once," she explains. Our protein-ball recipes will help start your own healthy snacking habit.
  3. Prep your meals: If it's fast, healthy, and homemade, Lorna's on board. To make sure she stays on track, she sets aside time on the weekend to do a whole lot of food prep. Aside from making DIY smoothie freezer packs, she also poaches chicken, preps and precooks veggies, and makes homemade salad dressing (check out our healthy salad dressing recipes here). Then, throughout the week, it's a matter of just throwing things together for a healthy, satisfying meal. "I just try to make things easy," she says.
  4. Keep a running list of your favorite healthy restaurants: "I always have a backup plan," Lorna explains. While eating at home is the best way to eat healthier and cut calories, having a go-to list ensures you're not tempted to just order greasy takeout when life gets busy.
  5. Remember why you're doing it: Sure, saved calories (and lost pounds) are nice, but they shouldn't be the only things motivating you to make healthier choices. "It's a whole mindset; your mind is so powerful," Lorna reminds us. "It's not about calories and putting on weight; it's about giving your body the energy it needs to do amazing things every single day."