Starting Yet Another Fitness Plan? This Coach Explains How to Stick to It This Time

You get so pumped to start a fitness plan that you start first thing Monday morning with an hour-long hard workout, plan your low-calorie meals out all week, and don't let yourself indulge in comfort foods. But by Friday, you've already caved and eaten your favorite junk food, skipped a workout, and are beating yourself up about it. Sound familiar?

We get it — it's hard to stick to a fitness plan, especially if you set lofty goals for yourself. Luckily, fitness and lifestyle coach Marci Nevin outlined the nine best ways to stick to your fitness plan in an Instagram post.

"Most people like to believe that more motivation is what they need to reach their fitness goal," she wrote in her Instagram caption. "But while it's certainly helpful, motivation is a fleeting emotion you can never rely on entirely. Instead, you must find ways to make fitness a habit and be consistent with whatever type of routine you choose to do."

Although many people think they need to transform their lives overnight, actually sticking to a fitness plan to meet your goals and see long-term results starts with gradual changes and daily habits that you can build on. This can start with finding workouts you enjoy, setting small daily goals for yourself, being flexible, and focusing on the process instead of the outcome.

If you are starting yet another fitness plan for the second, fifth, or 50th time, keep Marci's tips in mind. By making gradual changes and focusing on the process, you are more likely to hit your goals.