Stop Waiting For It: Tips to Make Your Bathroom Trips More Regular

Eat more fiber: When it comes to regularity in your bathroom schedule, fiber in your diet is a must. You can take a supplement like Metamucil, but getting the nutrient straight from a food source is always best. The Mayo Clinic recommends women consume 25 grams of fiber per day. If you are falling short, up your intake by eating these high-fiber foods like raspberries and chia seeds.

Drink more water: Consistent hydration is essential for regular bowel movements. Drinking water helps stimulate your digestive tract, breaking down food, which in turn, prevents constipation. Finish that glass of water on your desk — and then go grab another.

Make lunch your largest: If dinner is consistently your largest meal of the day, try mixing things up. Ayurveda experts recommend making lunch your largest meal of the day and eating it between 12 and 2 p.m., since this is the time the digestive agni (fire) is working at its maximum potency.

Try probiotics: Probiotics help rebuild good bacteria and support digestion, so whether you've recently been on antibiotics or the bacteria in you're gut is not balanced, probiotics can change the game for the better. You can take a supplement from the health food store, or start incorporating these probiotic-rich foods like yogurt or kombucha into your diet.

Exercise regularly: Skipping out on workouts is not helping you out in the bathroom department. Lack of exercise can even slow down your digestive tract. Even when your belly is feeling uncomfortably full, make time to move. Start with this yoga sequence that will help ease digestive woes and get things moving.

Stop stressing: When you're tense, stressed, or anxious, it's very common for things to get bound up. Move through these beginner-friendly calming yoga poses, or start making a short meditation practice a daily ritual. It's incredible how your body (and belly) will respond if you make de-stressing a priority. Regular exercise will help combat your stress levels, too!