Before You Throw Out That Unripe Avocado You Cut Open, Try This Lemon Trick

There's a special kind of bliss when you slice open a perfectly ripe avocado. You know what I'm talking about. They're in that flawlessly creamy state for such a short part of their lives, it feels like a sacred gift! So when I cut into an avocado that's either brown and overripe, or it's hard and not quite ready, I shed a mental tear as I sadly compost it. While brown avocados can't be saved, if you accidentally open an unripe avocado, you can still save it! Use this hack to ripen an avocado that you cut open too early.

POPSUGAR spoke with the avo experts at Avocados From Mexico, and they shared this tip. Cut open the avocado completely, leaving the pit still attached to one side. Then sprinkle the flesh of both sides with a little fresh lemon or lime juice. Put the two halves back together, cover tightly in plastic wrap or foil, and stick it in the fridge. Check it often to see how it's ripening, and soon you'll be enjoying avocado tofu toast or avocado pasta!

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