Wise Words: 26 Pretty Prints to Inspire You This Summer

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Taking a moment to breathe deep with intention and reconnect can change your tune when things are rocky. Sometimes all you need is a quick glance at a few thoughtful words to put a spring in your step — like these inspiring Etsy prints that will help kick-start your day and promote positivity. Source: Etsy

Basketball star Kevin Durant knows that Hard Work Beats Talent ($10-$22).

The mantra Eat Right Feel Good ($20) has kept many a woman committed to her healthy lifestyle.

When the going gets tough, just remember that The Best Is Yet to Come ($9).

I love these surprisingly wise words from a Mariah Carey jam: Shake It Off ($76-$100).

This quote from the Harry Potter character Professor Dumbledore ($15-$38) offers sage advice on finding the balance between dreaming about the future and staying present in the moment.

Simple but true, the Be Yourself ($28) Oscar Wilde quote never loses its touch.

Remember that all your hard work is Worth It ($30); nothing that was ever truly great came easy.

I'd love to check out this You Shine Today ($20) print for a quick reminder before I step out the door each morning.

Even if you've got to fake it at first, put on a confident face and Be Brave ($16) — it works.

I love all the different fonts in this simple but powerful Your Future Is Created by Today ($18-$25) print.

Placing this picture with the announcement You Are One Run Away From a Good Mood ($15) near her bed will help a friend pop out from the sheets and hit the streets for a run.

All the colors come together for word-art perfection in this Write It on Your Heart ($10) print.

Remind a friend that Today Is the Day ($30) with this easy and sweet print.

If you're going to achieve, you've got to Always Believe ($16) and stay positive.

Taking a moment to Worry Less, Smile More ($20-$25) sounds like smart advice to me.

Shifting one's perspective can make a world of difference. This We See Things as We Are ($18) quote from Anaïs Nin says just that.

I'm loving the tall letters and cute flowers on this Bloom Where You Are Planted ($21) print.

A daredevil friend who loves her Vespa or motorcycle will appreciate a colorful Life Is a Beautiful Ride ($43) print.

For a friend of smaller stature, this sweet vintage Shakespeare quote ($44) from The Two Gentlemen of Verona would be a perfect gift pick.

A simple, sweet, yet significant Jonathan Swift quote ($8): "May You Live Every Day of Your Life."

This quote's too good to only list once: Let It Be ($26-$53).

In order for the rainbow to happen, you've got to go through A Little Rain ($25-$40).

This beautiful ombré print offers a seriously powerful message: Don't Let Comparison Steal Your Joy ($15-$21).

We'll take this road! Route Happy ($12-$34) sounds like the perfect path this Summer.