JoJo Siwa Condensed Her High-Energy, 2-Hour Workout For TikTok

Dancer and YouTube star JoJo Siwa's workout routine is apparently as high energy as her personality. She shared a two-hour workout to TikTok on Aug. 17. Appropriately set to "Eye of the Tiger," the workout consists of cardio, various core-strengthening moves, and some impressive sets of pull-ups.

After some basic stretches, Siwa began her workout by jumping rope for 10 minutes in her driveway. Back inside her garage, Siwa did a circuit with medicine-ball slams, mountain climbers on a flipped-over BOSU ball, and plank shoulder taps (three sets of 20 reps, in case you were wondering). Siwa jumped rope again before her next circuit, which targeted more of her arms, back, and core. She powered through two types of assisted pull-ups, triceps pull-downs, hanging leg raises, and weighted ab pull-downs (or cable crunches) for three sets of 10 reps each.

In the final stretch of her workout, Siwa held a hollow body hold while balancing on the BOSU ball. "I made this thing up; I just got to try to balance on the ball, and it's really fun," she said in the video. Then she hit the treadmill, where she alternated between one minute of walking and one minute of sprinting at an eight percent incline. Though she didn't share the full length of her run, the monitor showed she was on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes. Siwa ended her workout with "10 speed push-ups and 10 speed V-ups," which she said is how she finishes all of her workouts. And she's sure to get low on those push-ups: "I don't let myself not touch my nose to the floor," she said in the TikTok.

"That was it for today," Siwa said in the voice-over. "Ended up being about a two-hour workout and it was awesome." Watch her workout below. (Come for the exercise ideas, stay for the appearance from her dog, Buddy.)