JoJo Siwa Says Stress From "Dance Moms" Gave Her a Bald Spot

JoJo Siwa recently opened up about her stress-related hair loss. In two TikTok videos posted on Wednesday, the dancer reveals she developed a stress rash on the side of her head while filming "Dance Moms" around eight years ago. She shares she picked and scratched the area, which eventually turned into a little bald spot by her ear.

Siwa shows the spot in a TikTok, alongside the words, "When someone notices my bald spot and wonders what it's from." She then wrote, "I'm carrying your love with me," which are lyrics from David Morris's "Carrying Your Love," a song currently trending on the app. In response to confused fans who thought the spot was from her famous high ponytail, she posted another video clarifying that her pony was actually tied tight on the other side of her head.

"Now I'm carrying her love with me right there."

"When I was little, I had a really bad stress rash right here while I was on 'Dance Moms,'" she says in the video. "I would pick at it all day long, and I damaged every single hair follicle that has ever been right there. So now I'm carrying her love with me right there." In a comment, she added, "It's been 8 years and it finallllly is growing again."

Back in April, Siwa surprised us all when she swapped her signature ponytail and sparkly bow for a breezy, undercut pixie with waves down the side of her face. Ahead, watch the "JoJo Goes" star explain her hair loss and "Dance Moms" trauma firsthand.