Jordan Chiles Gets Her First NCAA Perfect 10 With a Lizzo Floor Routine

Jordan Chiles performs her Lizzo-themed floor routine for UCLA
Courtesy of Jesus Ramirez | UCLA Athletics
Courtesy of Jesus Ramirez | UCLA Athletics

Jordan Chiles earned the first perfect 10 of her NCAA gymnastics career on Feb. 4 when she competed floor for UCLA. But it wasn't just any floor routine: it brought all the fun and personality, featuring songs by Lizzo, Normani, and Doja Cat — a different type of performance than her superhero-themed routines from the elite world. (Remember: collegiate routines are scored out of a 10.00, while those on the elite level have had a different scoring system since 2006 that goes beyond a 10.00 due to combined execution and difficulty values.)

In the routine, seen below, Chiles opened up with a soaring double layout and shined with choreography coordinated by BJ Das. You'll hear Doja Cat's "Boss B*tch," Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" and "Rumors" (the latter featuring Cardi B), and Normani's "Motivation."

When speaking to POPSUGAR last year ahead of the Gold Over America Tour, Chiles reflected, "[W]hen 'Motivation' came out, I was like, 'You know what? I'm going to use that as my floor team in college.'" She also mentioned that she was trying to think of ways to incorporate the superhero themes she's known for — Wonder Woman and Spider-Man — into her freshman floor routine, which she did with a superhero dive roll before the last tumbling pass (a double pike).

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"I usually have floor music that is powerful or more dramatic. This routine is fun and playful. I want people to see my personality shine through with a little Black girl Magic," Chiles writes to POPSUGAR via email a week after her perfect 10, calling the person you watch in her routine the "real Jordan." Lizzo herself retweeted ESPN's footage of the routine with the message: "MAKING 👏🏾BLACK 👏🏾HISTORY IN BLACK HISTORY MONTH! YESSS." When Chiles replied in disbelief, the singer wrote back, "u are a SUPERSTAR." Normani also gave her some love, and Cardi B retweeted the routine.

Chiles fell to the floor upon scoring a 10.00, clearly full of emotion, and her fellow Bruins were there to surround her with cheers. At the same competition, Chiles's former Olympic teammate Grace McCallum received her first 10.00, showcasing a beautiful bars routine for the University of Utah. And on Feb. 5, Auburn's Suni Lee and Oregon State University's Jade Carey, also Olympic gymnasts on Team USA this summer, got their own perfect marks on bars. Transitioning from the elite world to collegiate gymnastics isn't an easy feat, but they all seem to be fitting in quite well.

Chiles's accomplishment comes amidst some turmoil within the UCLA gymnastics program. Team coaches and leadership reportedly failed to address the use of racist language; the freshman that allegedly used said language since transferred to LSU. After a meet on Jan. 30, where Chiles debuted her 2022 floor routine, senior Norah Flatley expressed in an interview that the new team motto is "resilience." Pac-12 Networks's Jim Watson did not specifically mention this mishandling, instead calling out "drama and challenges and injuries." Flatley said, "Anything that we're thrown at, we're strong enough to get through it as a team, and we're gonna keep pushing till the end."

Chiles tells POPSUGAR that Flatley was "exactly right." She adds, "We have had to fight through so much. Especially my teammates because I just got to campus recently. I'm proud of them and I love being a part of the team. We are finally finding our groove and getting consistent workouts in. Keep an eye out for us because we are just getting started!"