Lizzo Just Elevated Her "About Damn Time" TikTok Challenge With a Hula Hoop

Of all the celebs on TikTok, Lizzo is arguably one of the best in terms of having fun engaging with the community — and today, she dropped what may be one of her best videos yet. The hypertalented singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, and flutist shared a duet with hula-hooping pro Deven Zimmer (aka @call_me_alaska on TikTok) that will make your day. Zimmer originally shared a hula-hoop dance video to a mix of Lizzo's "About Damn Time" — a creative riff on the TikTok dance challenge to the same song — with the comment, "If @lizzo doesn't see this ima be so pressed."

Well, Lizzo more than saw it — she posted a video of her own attempting to re-create Zimmer's hula-hoop moves, duetted with the original. The caption? "Be careful what y'all ask for." The choreography may be done in her own style, but Lizzo nailed it, swinging the hoop around her arms, up her legs, and over her head. (Her serious face is what really brings it home, though.)

Both Zimmer and other Lizzo fans on TikTok were understandably hyped. Zimmer commented on Lizzo's video, "LIZZOO I AM SCREAMING THANK YOU SO SO MUCH," and another commenter said, "Bring her on tour Lizzo!!" Which, YES. Zimmer also shared the moment on Instagram with the comment, "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! We got @lizzobeeating HOOPING! I cannot believe she duetted me. If you need me I will be jumping up and down screaming in my room for the next 3 days, thank you." And she really means it: "100 percent, had to make sure I was jumping up and down in my dreams, too," Zimmer tells POPSUGAR.

We were already impressed with Zimmer's hooping videos, but seeing Lizzo try these tricky dance moves with a hoop makes us realize just how hard it is — and how much we love Lizzo.