Prepare to Be Mesmerized by Deven Zimmer's Hula-Hoop Dance Videos on TikTok

You will not be able to stop watching Deven Zimmer dance! Known as @call_me_alaska on TikTok, she dances with a hula hoop, and it looks like liquid spinning around her body, moving from limb to limb with complete ease and flow. Zimmer told POPSUGAR, "I got into [hula hooping] after seeing a viral video online. Hooping has given me confidence by allowing me to dance in a unique way and inspire others with something that would otherwise seem completely silly."

We're in awe of her coordination, her creativity, and the sheer burst of joy and positivity emanating from each TikTok. We especially love the duet she does with her dad as the backup dancer and her response to body-shamers. She also auditioned for America's Got Talent. Check out her uplifting videos ahead!