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Low-Carb Meal-Prep-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

15 Low-Carb Breakfasts That You Can Make Ahead For an Easy Morning

Low-Carb Meal-Prep-Friendly Breakfast Recipes
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When you're on a low-carb diet, you need a wealth of quick and healthy recipes to help keep you on track — but when it comes to breakfast, sometimes easy recipes aren't enough. Instead, you need breakfasts that are simple and delicious but that can also be prepared ahead of time so you don't have to worry about cooking on hectic mornings.

Lucky for you, we've rounded up a bunch of recipes that are perfect for Sunday meal prep. Most make at least six servings and can easily be doubled so you can freeze some for later, and every last one uses low-carb staples like cheese, meat, eggs, and fresh veggies. Keep reading for our favorite low-carb picks!

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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