Massy Arias's Lower-Body Strength Workout Is Legit, and Her "Baby Weight" Is Adorable

For today's daily reminder about how amazing women are, we bring you Massy Arias, Instagram influencer and celebrity trainer. Over the years, Massy has inspired thousands, teaching people all about nutrition and strength training. Her workouts are designed to help you get in shape, build muscle, and improve your overall athletic abilities. Long story short: she's got it going on.

When Massy isn't busy training celebrities like Kelly Rowland and Tess Holliday, she loves to share adorable photos of her family on her Instagram. Today, she decided to share a workout she did with her baby girl, Indira. We know you're probably thinking: Indira was just running around the gym. But nope, Massy literally used her as a weight during her lower-body workout.

"No matter what the circumstances are, just do your best. Sometimes we don't get anything done, because we don't have the perfect scenario. I got about two circuits [completed], before she got annoyed, sleepy, and I had to put her down. Two circuits is better than zero," Massy wrote in her caption.

Strengthen your lower-body with the workout ahead. The baby is optional.

The Workout

Massy didn't share the how many reps and sets to do, but we recommend doing three to five rounds of the circuit, completing 10 to 15 reps of each exercise. If your legs aren't too tired after completing the circuit, you can finish the workout off with 20 minutes on the StairMaster like Massy.